• Can I run a HUD on Ignition with H2N?

    Can I import HHs that have been converted to pokerstars format with bovada hand converter?


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    Hand2Note supports the following poker rooms: PokerStars, PartyPoker, iPoker and Pacific Network.

    Now you can use Hand2Note in not supported poker rooms if you have found a handhistory converter only.

    In this case, you need to enable HUD based on converter hand history in Configurator --> HUD.

    alt text

  • thanks i got the HUD running

    few more questions

    1. how do I make the HUD bigger?

    2. how do i display hero HUD?

    3. HUD on fish show 99 hands for all villians?

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    1. You can enable HUD scaling mode in Configurator->HUD :
      alt text

    2. It is not possible.

    3. Open Hud Editor -> Select your HUD -> Select the cell in which is located the stat Hands -> Choose Insert by mouse right-click -> EŃ…pression stat -> Hands -> Save
      alt text

  • thanks

    I already change the scale HUD and it didn't help much.

    I was able to add hands and pick size/color. I was also able to make stats bigger but when I enlarged VPIP/PFR I lost the auto color coding? I used this:

    After playing my session on Ignition I had a look at my results - something is wrong with this too:

    Net won = 0 is wrong and the 0.78bb/100 is wrong since I was in God mode yesterday:)

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    1. When you start to change any of the font style settings (1), the temporary template "Custom" (2) becomes active with the settings that were previously installed in it. You can set it to the desired parameters and click on the Heart icon(3) to save this template under a new name (4).
      After that, you can simply change the parameters of your new template (5), and all cells with this template will be changed automatically(6).
      alt text

    I recommend you to watch the following video tutorial:

    Hand2Note: Creating Pop-ups

    1. Have you entered your nickname in Configurator->Rooms?

  • Cool, thanks I will play with that stuff

    I haven't entered nickname as there isn't one for Ignition(every table is anonymous). The converter I use changes hands to PS hands and I can set that nick up to anything - is this the same thing?

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