Some question

    1. If I use scaleing option, is there any way to scale up or down the HUDs during the game? I was not able to do it, maybe I am doing something wrong
    2. I am testing the HUD on poekrstars (all dealers chat on), the HUD is showing up, based on the hand history (after the first hand only, but not during the first hand)
    3. Also the preflop/postflop, do not show after fold functionalities are not working, is it realted to my subscription, or should I start something with admin mode, or what could be the issue here?
    4. Is it possible to show popup based on position? or filter table inside popups?
    5. If I buy premium hud is it possible to merge with my huds if I would like to push some addons to the premium hud?
    6. Pokertracker is saving the hand in a table with lots of usefull information (current bb, current position etc...) is h2n is doing the same, it would be very useful, specially if I would like to get rid of pokertracker at all
    7. Is the dynamic HUD functionality is disabled on pokerstars automatically, or I have to do it manually?
    8. Is the nickname field is hardcoded to the HUD, and if I would like to use it I always have to copy paste it?
    9. Is there any better for the HUDs to create HUD using programs, instead of putting it together with the designer?

    Thank you for your answers in advance

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    1. You can enable HUD scaling mode in Configurator->HUD :
      alt text

    2. In order to get HUD during a first hand, you have to run StarsHelper or SessionLord.

    3. It depends on the settings of your HUD.

    4. You can assign different Popups for each cell in your positional HUD.

    5. You should ask the creator of this HUD.

    6. Yes, Hand2Note is doing the same.

    7. Yes, dynamic HUD functionality is disabled on PokerStars automatically.

    8. You can add a nickname in your HUD via HUD Editor.

    9. You can create your own HUD with a HUD editor inside Hand2Note.
      Please, watch short video guides on our YouTube channel:

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