Range Research Feature badly needed

  • I know you say its not a bug and having hero stats in range research is designed so you get unbiased view of population. But we need to have a way to see hero stats on multiple accounts (alias) and you cant do that through your standard "report" window because it is so basic it only shows win/loss stats - its very important to be able to see things like "how often am I folding to a cbet in a 3bet pot" and how often do I fold to XR. This is honestly the MOST frustrating thing about h2n, its a great tool for population research but kind of worthless for normal everyday database functionality. Having the ability to specifically call hero only stats in range research would solve this, it doesnt have to mess up population analysis, just add a checkbox "exclude hero" and that is fixed. You guys have one of the most expensive databases on the market (and its almost worth it) if you can fix our ability to see hero alias stats then it would be worth it. As of now it just tilts me.

  • 100% agree

  • 100% agree

  • Global Moderator

    Perhaps, we will be able to implement Range research report for Hero's aliases in the next updates.

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