HUD not refreshing [SOLVED]

  • Hi there,

    I recently subbed to beginner's plan and bought the MTT SNG hud up to $11 tourneys.

    I'm playing at pokerstars and it was good until the bb stat stopped refreshing. For example, villain is EP has 30bb at the beginning of the hand, if he raises to 2bb, the HUD would immediately change to 28bb instead initial 30bb, and it would keep refreshing, if the same villain CBets 4bb, then after the bet it would show 24bb in the BB stack.

    Now I'm playing and it only shows at the beginning of the hand. Also the stat is wrong at the first hand after the blind's change, refering to the last blind level.

    This is really bad for me since the HUD is big and blocks the original view of stack sizing, which means I'm depending on this BB stack stat.

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    You need to use the additional software to enable full Dynamic and Positional HUD support. The software similar to StarsHelper reads nicknames, stack sizes, positions, etc. directly from a client interface of poker rooms, and then transfers information to Hand2Note:

  • I use StarsHelper, it was working fine. The bb stack was refreshing instantly. But somehow it stopped working in the MTT SNG hud.


    At the bottom of H2N I see a red message "SH/SL/SC". My H2N is not detecting the StarsHelper. I have the StarsHelper working ok, it is opened, but the H2N can not detect it.


    I contacted the MTT SNG support and they gave me the simple solution. Click in Stop and then Start in the StarsHelper. Now the H2N is detecting and the bb stat is refreshing instantly.

    You may close the topic.

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