How to adjust HUD positions after sit in an oringinal observing table?

  • When I play pokermaster, I used to observe table and wait for available seat before I sit in.

    I found that sometimes after I sit in the table, the HUDs' positions didn't refresh, still remain at the positions before I sit in.

    I have to close and reopen H2N to make the HUDs at the right positions, is there any better solution?

    BTW, How to always showing Hero's HUD on table?


  • Global Moderator

    In order to display HUD for Hero, you need to create a separate HUD table with necessary stats and tick the corresponding checkbox in table properties:

    alt text

  • Can't I just open an option then just treat hero as a normal player with stats?

    BTW, I found the solution of my first problem, thats because mistakenly I turn on the option "Update HUD only if Hero's turn to act", that's why HUDs didn't refresh, sorry.

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