• Hello, I have some things I would like to have. Perhaps they are available already and I am unaware of it.

    1. 0_1524152201863_hand2noteqs.png

    I would like these tabs on my Results tab and the Positions tab. How do I do this?

    1. In results and sessions is there a way of removing $results. I would like to only view my results in bb's.

    2. Is there a way of refreshing the sessions tab? It does not update automatically when open.

    3. 0_1524152320344_q2forh2n.jpg

    When I am playing I would like to quickly check a player's hands. More important than the bet sizes I prefer to know his position in the hand, did he limp, raise, call or 3b/4b/5b. Did he win.
    Is this possible?

    1. 0_1524152410631_h2nq3.jpg

    All my players show as a fish. I have tried editing this table in various ways with various huds.
    How do I cnfigure this table so that players show as regs in their huds?

    Thank you!

  • I usually hover over the VPIP/PFR matrix to find hands


    I've changed the color scheme so that ROYGBIV (like a rainbow) where red is EP, Orange is MP and so forth. With practice you can read it pretty easily (i.e. C1 = limp, R2.7 = raise limper etc)

    Its quite handy to work out if a player is a fish without a lot of hands as long as youve seen 1/2 hands at showdown

  • My hud doesn't have that. Perhaps because I play on stars?

  • SOTS said:

    My hud doesn't have that. Perhaps because I play on stars?

    That's right, it's forbidden to use diagrams on PokerStars.

    GT-HUD for Hand2Note
    alt text
    DYNAMIC HUD (video-preview)
    New Simple HUD (video-preview)
    POPUPs GT-HUD (video-preview)
    SpinFire HUD (video-preview)
    MTT-SNG Pack (video-preview)
    Shaolin HUD for PM
    Available test period for SpinFire HUD/Shaolin HUD
    Contact us:
    Skype: gt-pack

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