CB Stat not showing correct

  • Why isn't my CB stats showing all the instances? Do I have some sort of error in my stat filters? Picture of CB Turn OOP SRP for example:


    I filtered my stats from HM2 to show that I'v made 136 turn cbets OOP in SRP but H2N shows only 4 instances. The same thing applies to all CB stats in H2N, they show way less instances than what I'v actually done. H2N and HM2 have the same database and they show equal amount of played hands so it shouldn't be about smaller sample size overall.

    Any help appreciated.

  • Global Moderator

    Most likely you need to disable this option in Configuration -> Other Options -> Statistics:

    alt text

    And don't forget to rebuild your statistics:

    alt text

  • @keepcalm

    Thanks but that was not the case. It seems that my positional filter preflop messed up the stat, showing only the cases when player had VPIPed before player acted. Making the player IP / OOP only after flop (Preflop position: doesn't matter) the stats show somewhat similiar results to HM2 stats.

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