All my logged HH not showing after installing Hand2note ProTools

  • I installed ProTools and when i now open table to play all my logged HH on the players starts over again. I tried everything and it seems I can not get my old logged HH stats back in the HUD. Even changing to the old default HUD still the stats are reset. What to do to get the old hands back? Its hundreds of hrs of logging so its really annoying.

  • After putting all settings back to default suddenly it randomly works on 2 tables with old stats while 3 other tables still tracking with New stats starting on 0 hands. This is super tilting and costing my time and money and irritating as hell!!!! with such a good software you should make the settings and overview better!!! Im really considering trashing the whole software and go back to HM2

  • uninstalled ProTools and everything went back to normal, thank god!!!

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