Thousands of hands missing after Clear/Build stats

  • Hello,

    I had over 10k hands from PokerMaster and after doing a CLEAR STATS then BUILD STATS for a new HUD, I am missing almost all of them. When I go into reports and set my date range for all time, I see this:


    Only 197 hands showing up instead of the 10k I had before. How can I get back to seeing all of my hands so I can review and study them?

    Have had a very frustrating experience with H2N so far. I can't find out how to get these hands back and cannot get range research to work either. Please Help!

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    This post is deleted!

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    Please make sure that your subscription is not over and try to follow the next steps:

    1. In Configuration -> Game Types, click Reset to default and then click on Save settings.

    2. Rebuild your statistics again.

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