I can't find my stats over a session

  • Hi,

    after finishing my session I tried to make the usual review. But I can't find my analytical stats for the session or even for a specific date range (for example April 1st to april 15th).

    I'm talking about see my VPIP, PRF, 3bet, Cbets postflop, WtS, winrate, etc...

    I can only see a general reports page (Hands, Net Won, Net won EV, bb/100, EV bb/100, Rake) after clicking the "Reports" button on the main window.

    My settings (client folder, language, setting my nickname for the poker room, import options, etc) are good. I imported hands before and after the session. I've disabled importing form side database as I don't have HM or PT4 (I had them months ago). I play on PS and Full Tilt.

  • Global Moderator

    To see your own stats you should find Hero in the main window of Hand2Note and open the popup by double click on the Hero's nickname.

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