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  • OK folks I've searched for nearly two hours now and although it states in a couple of posts that it is possible to have the hero stats visible on current table by creating a separate HUD nowhere actually explains how to do that. Can someone tell me step-by-step how I get my own stats to show on the tables. I would have thought this a pretty basic thing that should be running straight out the box with the option to turn it off for those that don't require it. Back to front in my opinion.

  • @Steve698

    You need to make a copy of your HUD in a seperate table.

    Then for each stat (or cell) you need to tick "Show only on hero" on the duplicate HUD. (the bottom one in the HUD editor)

    You'll then get your own hero HUD as shown on my replayer (it shows 17k hands on mine albeit with awful formatting, so it looks like it works)



  • A copy of your HUD ? how do I do that ?
    Please list go x under y heading click etc etc (step-by-step)

  • @Steve698

    1. Create a new table in the HUD editor
    2. Copy + paste all the stats from your hud into the new table effectively duplicating your hud as pictured
    3. Tick "Show only on hero" on each cell in the duplicate hud (in the properties pane on the right.

  • I'm obviously missing something, do I need the program open at a room ? should I be seeing what your pic shows ? I'm not. I would send a pic but even that doesn't work as every forum I've ever used so I can't.
    Copy what stats from where to make a copy ?
    It makes sense to you as you deal with it all day everyday but not to me I'm afraid, close to giving up with this now. Please state :
    Open a table at PS>open the H2N program at that table>copy screen into editor etc. I know this isn't the steps but if you could let me know the correct steps in this fashion I would appreciate it.

  • @Steve698

    Image of what I see :


  • OK I give up did what I thought but now just hud for hero and no one else. I didn't think I'd need a degree in computer programming to get this to work. I'm uninstalling.
    Thanks but not for me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Steve698 You need 2 HUDS; one for villains stats and one for your own.

    You just need to create a new table with the same dimensions as that of your actual HUD, and copy and paste (ctrl c+v) the stats in. You then click on all the stats individually and select "Only on hero".

    that should be it basically

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