Range Research question

  • Hi.
    I'd like to know people's push(all-in) range in specific situation.
    I rebuilt report with settings bellow.0_1528003719409_2018-06-03 14_26_55-Range Research.png
    The result is as follow.
    0_1528003782992_2018-06-03 14_29_36-Range Research.png
    My question is why this result includes calling range not only raising range. they are limp pot and some of them are not even all-in situation on the preflop.
    I'd really appreciated it if you could tell me the reason.

  • Global Moderator

    Hand2Note shows call and raise ranges on the same diagram that allows getting a more precise understanding of how player mixes his ranges:

    Hand2Note Features

    You can adjust it in Configuration->Preflop Diagram:

    alt text

  • Thank you.

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