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    In 'HUD Editor' when I go to preview a new HUD I'm creating any new filters or even cloned filters just result in two dashes and no data. For example, in the HUD, I can have the original PFR filter and then a new PFR filter I have cloned directly from that filter. The original displays a number but the cloned filter does not. The cloned filter, however, does work as expected when I use the test function in the filters editor.

    I'm currently using the free trial of Hand2note but understood full functionality is available. Do I need to purchase a subscription in order to use my own custom filters in a HUD.

    Thanks for any help

  • Nvm. Managed to track down the answer here:


  • I had the same problem, good job!

    A question for the moderators. CLEAR and REBUILD stats it takes me 4 h because I have 2.5 million hands in the database (DB). Do REBUILD stats so that the changes take place.

    I need to test many things...
    They found no other faster way?
    Any alternative solution to test new creations?

    Thank you.

  • Global Moderator

    You can create a separate small database to test new creations:

    alt text

    Also, increase the amount of RAM on your computer, if possible.

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