BUg with effective stack in allin

  • Hi, ill try to resume the hand.

    I open KK on EP, 462bbs stack
    Short player 3bet me on CO 31bbs, 88bbs stack
    I 4bet to about 400bbs, covering him and he calls.
    Postflop he made a set and win the pot, and here is the problem:

    H2n report of the hand on sessions tolds that the net won ev is about 1000bbs and the net won is about 4500bbs, so the line of ev is way higner than the line of the real won.

    Can you impove it to calculate the ev with the eff stack?

    With this bug the sessions and reports features would never be precises.

  • Global Moderator

    Could you please send this hand to support@hand2note.com ?

  • How? thx.

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