Missing hands

  • Hello,

    I created a new database and cares for your hands, those of PokerStars well loaded them, but the 888 do not appear reflected as it can be seen in the screenshot. The funny thing is that the number appearing after you import was correct. The folder contains 92 tournaments but only appear 17 hands and 1 tournament.

    It is quite rare, in another database of H2N imported the same files without problem.


  • When I "Clear and build stats", reaching 31 hands and ends (screenshot)... However imported 10k.

    In the hands of PokerStars (which are many more), are all correctly.



  • Good,

    I will still be able to solve the problem.

    I made a new database and omporte 10 k of hands in the 888 poker room, but only show me 17 hands as hero and 1 player tournament.

    any advice?

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