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    Is it possible to get the full adaptive and the Full Dynamic and the Adaptive HUD to work on Svenska Spel?
    I have tried but only a few of the stats in the HUD seems to update. A lot of numbers is "blank" and do not update.

    I do have a handconverter allready. Do I also ned WPN Tools or some other program? In the bottom of hand2note there are "SH/SL/SC" and "WPNTools" in red letters.

    And finally, when I make a popup for riverbluffs it will not uppdate. its just "--" in the columns.

    Edit: Also the info panel in Adaptive Dynamic does not show up.

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    Currently, it is necessary to use third-party software such as StarsHelper, PartyCaption, WPN Tools, etc. to enable full Dynamic and Positional HUD support:

    FAQ. Supported Poker Rooms

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