How to make an open limp stat?

  • I would also like to see some detailed instructions on how to build stats, its not an intuitive model and the short videos do not explain how to use them.

    I see a lot of very specific stats, few general/useful ones like 3bet or fold to steal.I would like to have the stats:
    steal, fold to steal, 3bet steal
    cb, fold to cb, check raise

    and a seperate panel of VPIP/RFI by position.

    This is an overwhelming task unless I am missing something and would like to do it somehow! I have had no issues with other softwares just don't see any instructions here.


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    You can easily and quickly create all necessary stats with our Stats Editor:

    Creating custom statistics in Hand2Note

    Besides, in Stats Editor you can find many examples of default stats for our default HUDs and Popups:

    alt text

    If you do not have time to create stats yourself, then you can use our service:

    Private HUD order service

    In addition, you can find many ready-made commercial HUDs from third-party developers on our website:

    Profiles Shop

  • thank you, I will try a little bit to do my own stats but if I see any impressive package I will certainly be buying one. I would like to do an SPR (stack to pot ratio) stat but that doesn't really fall into any player action and I'm confused on how to display it.

    I would appreciate if someone could explain how to do SPR stat

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    bowler99 said:

    I would like to do an SPR (stack to pot ratio) stat

    Currently, there is no way to do it.

    You can only add Stack size, Effective stack size and Effective stack size vs. Hero's stack size stats in your HUD/Popup:

    alt text

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