New User - some questions over reports

    • Are the reports fixed or can extra stats be added to them and if so how is it done

    • how do i filter between my winrates at MTT and SNGs and also between tournament speeds i.e normal , turbo and hypers

  • Global Moderator

    1.) You can only apply filters to reports:

    alt text

    Currently, there are no stats in reports.

    To see Player's stats you should find the Player in the main window of Hand2Note and open the popup by double click on the Player's nickname.

    2.) You can choose a line with the necessary kind of tournaments to see winrates:

    alt text

  • how do i see my winrates between different types of tournament speeds turbo, hyper , and normal speed

  • Global Moderator

    Currently, there is no way to do it

  • is it something that will be added in the near future as its something that would be important for me to consider before taking out an edge subscription.

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