Significant Expression Stats! They are case sensitive

  • Hi, I love Hand2Note and want to contribute to making it the best software on the market :).

    After working with the Expression Stats and Syntax for a while I think I have found a pretty significant bug - Exactly the same expression will output different results if written with a capital letter.

    This problem concern not only WWSF and I have found some seriouse diferences in stats that should be the same.

    Although the differences are not big this may cause some misplays and cost real money.

    The question that I struggle to answer is where does the difference come from?

    On the screenshoot you see the exact same stat but writen with upper case. The results is different. If I change the second stat also to lower case the results is the same.



    Contact me on Skype for more informations on the bug (trzaskuuu).

  • Global Moderator

    It is not a bug.

    "flop any action" and "Flop Any Action" are two different stats. You can see it in Stats Editor.

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