Reporting winnings incorrectly

  • I am running into an issue where, when using a third party hand converter to make the HUD work with Ignition, it is incorrectly displaying my winnings even though it is importing the hand correctly. For example, look at the hand below:

    alt text

    Everything about the hand is correct, the BTN raises to $17.50, I 3Bet to $57.50, and then the two remaining players fold. The problem is that it says I won $62.50, when I actually only won $17.50.

    This is happening with a lot of my hands because my graph for the session is completely off. This is just one example.

  • Same issue here. Using trial version. My winnings are significantly different than what is shown in my HEM2 database, although the number of hands is about the same.

    Edit: Also for converted Ignition hands but mine are for NLHE.

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    This problem can be solved only by the creator of the converter.

  • @keepcalm How do you arrive at that conclusion when the hands are imported without error in HEM and PT? If only H2N has a problem doesn't it follow that the issue is on your end?

  • Yes, the issue only occurs in hand2note, not in pokertracker or hold'em manager. If you guys are unwilling to fix this I'm just go to refund my subscription because the product simply doesn't work.

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