general question if stat formula is correct

  • Since the usual RFI (open raise) Stat =

    Player Raises (First Non Fold Action on Street)

    that doesn't cover previous limpers.
    The Samplesize in this case always is "when he had the chance to".
    I want to customize this Stat for myself a little bit.

    The RFI Stat (no matter if there are previous limpers or not) I created looks like

    Player Raises (First Players Action on Street AND First Raise on Street)
    --> When I test it, there are cases with or without previous limpers included and no cases in which Player does a 3bet.

    Seems good and I think in this case the samplesize should be "every hand".

    Am I correct or do I miss something here?
    I think that stat doesn't exist yet.

    Thanks in advance for reading :-)

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