H2n not working on newest pokermaster

  • Mig said:

    Lemon said:

    Big issue is with colluders that are a lot harder to detect without a hud

    May u give some examples how to detect colluders with a HUD?

    alot of colluders are just 2 to 4 accounts of the same player at the same table.
    operating in this way stats usually are fairly similar because it's not that easy to play 4 different styles yourself on each account you got...

    the more scummy colluders operate in teams where actually different people control the accounts and therefore should have somewhat different stats but share holecards or just teamview the whole thing i imagine and those should be harder to detect via a HUD.

    i never colluded nor do i tolerate colluders amongst me but i imagine this is how its done in the end...


  • @ChinaIsTheFuture I think the best way to avoid collusion is to play HU tables, seriously.

  • In HU you're playing vs people with GTO live assistance AI programs
    That aren't that useful or accurate in Ring, you can just take your pick.

  • By the way it'd be great KeepCalm to post rough timelines
    A lot of us tried that 3rd party software and trial's coming to an end.
    I'd love to know if we're talking days, weeks or month+

    Because I'd have to pay for that software and also hardware change to accommodate it

  • @Lemon Do u know where to buy GTO assistance ?

  • BarneyAKQ said:

    @Lemon Do u know where to buy GTO assistance ?

    No, and even if I did I wouldn't buy it if someone just freely offered it...it's a safe way to get hacked and lose all your money . I just know there are people using them

  • @Lemon I know there are strategy assistance , almost all the BTN mixed limp/raise players are using it. I heard some rumors both of those HU BOTs (or assistance tools) and FR collusion-team are associated with PokerMaster-Alliances (who offering most tables to clubs).

  • I think they give it up to update for pokermaster? So many days ...

  • @IntuitionLee
    maybe they are working with the 3d party software... and that`s why is "so much silence" :)

  • @meManu if third part can use position and dynamic hud it's ok, but can not use :(

  • based on internal information they will not repair PokerMaster and they are waiting for add more apps and give more offer to other mobile apps instead PokerMaster in same price

  • @keepclam if the pokermaster hud will not update, may I have a refund for rest days of my subscription?

  • @caesar Agreed.

  • So... any news?

  • they lied about dates and now not don´t said nothing , just copy paste messages on chat with no real replies about especific questions or dates , they have a chat to just paste same messages to everyone , lies ... worse support ever
    meanwhlile they do nothing to repair it :/

  • no news ? ....

  • If you manage to decrypt libshella stuff & decompile their APK and get the .jar files it seems they set up a trap for people trying to reverse their software .
    The class where you get the cards and hand action in the earlier versions com.texaspoker.moment.TexasPoker.SCGameRoomStateChange seems to be unused in the latest versions and everything related to this class being moved inside the encrypted LUA scripts.

  • 55 Days .. . no update GG H2N

  • @misu200 contact me please, nnlory@gmail.com. I am willing to pay for reverse engineer staff

  • ![alt text](image url)![0_1540534203716_upload-2fd93c0e-349b-446e-bd58-bab4578f5cd3](Uploading 100%) 我是中国用户为什么还是看到有人近期在使用 你们能给好的解释吗

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