H2n not working on newest pokermaster

  • @robertwjin The authorities weren't notified, but I saw someone using it on Twitter.

  • uu88 said:

    55 Days .. . no update GG H2N
    very very very professional people
    70 Days .. . no update GG H2N

  • @uu88 This is an absolute joke. Are we all supposed to come groveling for refunds in the support now? Because I imagine there to be thousands of dollars paid by customers who are seeing nothing for it.

  • @klamsauce Some sort of refund or compromise should have definitely been given by now. Or a professional statement on Hand2Note's plan AT THE VERY LEAST.

    I was unlucky enough to prepay for a full year subscription shortly before PokerMaster encrypted everything. Even though that's not Hand2Note's fault, the prepaid subscription was purchased as an agreement of a working product for the length of the purchased subscription which is evident by H2N making earlier claims that everyone's subscription would be extended when they make a fix, which I'm assuming a fix is no longer possible.

    I have emailed them and been denied any sort of refund so until H2N releases any sort of statement, all I can do is post on the poker forums I frequent that H2N is not to be trusted with prepaid deposits on software and is extremely sketchy at the very least.

    Sad, because I really liked the software and they could have had a good thing going but they've fully lost my trust after this debacle.

  • The biggest problem is that they do not respond to their customers !!! This is absurd! The answer is always the same: we are working on the problem. There are months! They are always ready answers without any commitment to your customers. Really a poor customer service and a company nothing competent. They could at least give us an update on how the fashions are going.

  • this was their reply when asked on 2p2

    "There are currently three options:

    1.) You can play in other Chinese rooms with the same subscription. At the moment, the beta version of Hand2Note that supports new rooms (PPPoker, PokerKing, PokerKingdom, OhPoker, FishPoker, and 1pokerstars) is ready.

    2.) We will compensate all wasted days of your subscription after the problem is resolved.

    3.) We can deactivate HYPER package and add more days to EDGE subscription for the corresponding amount.

    All requests related to subscriptions should be sent by email to support@hand2note.com or to online support in the lower right corner of our website."

  • For those who still don't know it's still possible to use PM with H2N, HEM and PT4 via special fix. if need more info just write me a pm.

    best of luck everybody

  • @ChinaIsTheFuture

    but dynamic hud doesnt work with that does it?

  • @JohnyC dynamic not working

  • can anyone tell me if they have been able to use the HYPER hud on other apps?

  • This post is deleted!

  • uu88 said:

    uu88 said:

    55 Days .. . no update GG H2N
    very very very professional people
    70 Days .. . no update GG H2N

    more than 90 days and lies still going on

  • @jtiltzfk Pokerking is already?Actually it should be called pukeking.

  • Happy new year! :D

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