Hands not tracked

  • Hi,

    I start using Hand2note on the french room Winamax but I notice (several times) that some hands are not imported in the tracker.
    I ask the room to send me again the hand history but when I import them again, the hands are not in the tracker.
    Could you help me please ?

  • Global Moderator

    Could you please send to support@hand2note.com the hand history sample where we can see the problem?

  • In fact it happens with every single session ! (I take note of my bankroll before and after the session and the result in hand2note is never good). How can I solve this problem ?

  • Hi, some news of this bug ? any update ?
    I'm also a winamax player and don't want to subscribe to H2N if the hands are not track well.

    Best regards

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