H2N keeps replacing stats in pop up editor by itself

  • hi !

    I created a lot of customized stats in the popup editor and H2N does exchange a few of them by itself over and over again.

    So I created a line of stats for a certain spot, I define the spot like the exact line, the board texture, etc.
    Ive done that for hundreds of stats but certain stats H2N keeps overwriting and replacing them with stats I already made, the rest is fine. How can this be ??? It always messes up the same stats and exchanges them with other stats that do not fit the spot.

    Example :
    I created a stat for the spot InPosition singel raised pot preflop caller, bet flop, bet turn, bet river.
    I did that for a bunch of different board textures.
    When I closed H2N and started it again a day later, the stats were all exchanged with stats from a totally different spot. In this case they got replaced by an OutofPosition spot where player is the preflop caller and check folds the flop. So its a compelte different spot

    Ive wasted endless hours fixing and editing the stats it overwrites back to the original definitions but it always happens again. It does it often times when I closed H2N, when I start it again, some stat line is messed up. Ive done it several times so it cant be me just not saving my stats, Im 100% sure Ive saved them.

    Whats the reason for that ?????


  • Global Moderator

    Please, send to support@hand2note.com some visual representation of the problem: screenshots or short video.

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