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    I have googled a solution but it only brings me to an old topic in this forum.

    Since the latest problems with Pokermaster, my Database got mixed up and reports shows useless graphs and data.
    There seem to be no solution to delete hands nor a solution to export and reimport ALL (also observed hands) to a new database

    I think this is a necessary feature needed by a lot of players.

    May you please add the feature to delete hands and/or to reimport ALL hands from the database anytime soon?

    Thank you guys,


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    Violation of data integrity greatly reduces database performance.

    You can restore your database from archived hand history if it was enabled:


    Please note that Hand2Note saves PokerMaster hand histories into C:\PokerMasterHh

    Otherwise, you can export hero's hand history:

    FAQ. Export Hand Histories

    In addition, you can request your hand history at the poker room.

  • @keepcalm

    Thank you for your reply! :-)

    I can't figure out why deleting some hands should reduce database performance drastically. The thing is that my stats got corrupt due to some false currency importing but I DONT want to loose my observed hands.

    Does observerd hands get archived as well?

  • Mayby it is possible to purge hands from last x days using pgAdmin?

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    Mig said:

    Does observerd hands get archived as well?

    Yes, If these hands were imported into Hand2Note

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