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  • Hi,

    I have some questions regarding the statinfo popups for pre & postflopstats.

    First I have a more general question, if I create for example a cbet ip stat for only 80bb and more, does H2N create the statinfo stats (next villains action etc) only for 80bb+ and player ip as well?

    Also I like to know how I can attach them to my custom HUD stats? They only appear in my popup stats at the moment?

    Last I like to know how I can redefine the hand groups which H2N automatically creates? f.e. instead of simply "draw" I want split in combodraw, nutflushdraw, weakflushdraw etc


    I found the "popup on stats + postflop diagramm" but dont know how to change the groups or create new ones? If I click create a new group only a new row appears which I cant edit in anyway

    0_1538384087791_create group.jpg

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