Cannot get any stats to work on a popup

  • Hello,

    I am trying to build my own popups to do range research with. I am getting very frustrated with not being able to get any of them working.

    I built a few custom stats:


    And when I test these stats in the stat editor, they work fine and I get a bunch of Hand Histories that match the stat:


    Then, I go into Popup Editor and create a new popup and place my custom stats on the popup:


    When I click preview, nothing shows up for these stats:

    When I first went to use this new popup for range research, it was doing the same thing. Now, stats are showing up, but the BTN R/F VS SB 3B stat is showing 0%, which cannot be correct:

    This can't be correct, because when I test this stat in the stat editor, I get a result of 41%:


    I am not setting any filters on my Range Research. My database is only 200NL hands from one site and I am not trying to filter out reg/fish or different vpip/pfr or anything when I run range research:

    Any help is appreciated, thx.

  • you need to rebuild the statistics by clicking Clear and Build stats

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  • Hello,

    I have done "CLEAR STATS" and then "BUILD STATS" from the main window:


    After doing that, the stats start to show up in range research, but as I said above some of them are showing wrong even after building stats again, they are showing 0% when that is certainly not the correct stat. When I test these stats in the stats editor, I do get values like 40% over a 200 hand sample:


    ^ I also clicked rebuild from within the range resarch window befre taking this screenshot:


  • Global Moderator

    Please try to follow the next steps:

    1. Disable the "Exclude reg-vs-fish spots..." option in Configuration -> System -> Statistics.

    2. Disable the "Substitute by vs-Hero value" option for those stats in Popup Editor:

    alt text

    1. Disable the "Substitute by vs-Hero stat ..." option in Configuration-> Stats Appearance:

    alt text

    1. Rebuild your statistics:

  • Hi,

    Thanks, I got everything working! However, I ran into a new issue today. I created a new database to import MTT hands. I try to import from a folder which contains pokerstars format HH, it seems like it works and I don't get any errors, but then nothing in H2N works with the new DB after I import hands.

    I tried clicking "Build Statistics" again after the folder import and still nothing works. I also tried to restart H2N.

    I tried looking at sessions, reports, finding players, and editing stats. I even opened the "all hands" stat and tried to test it, but no hands are found.

    Does H2N work for MTT hand histories?

  • Global Moderator

    Douggyfr3sh said:

    Does H2N work for MTT hand histories?


  • I have built like 200-300 stats and it all was working until recent update. If i disable substitute by vs-hero value it's workin again but it will take forever for me to manualy change every stats. How can i change it for all stats that i created?

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