labeling players other than reg or fish

  • I got hands from a friend that I added to my database and I wanna do pop tends for regs but I dont want the hands from my friend to skew that sample if you get what I mean. Basically hands that are my own isnt included in the range research sample since hand2note automatically doesnt include my own stats in the sample, is that true as well when I have friends from my friend also from his POV.
    I have both my own and my friends hands in my sample, hope you understand what I mean. Bec otherwise the hud stats from my friend would be like 50% of all hands total and that would fuck up the overall reg pop tends.

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    Hands from your friend will not skew your data

  • it is skewing the data because when i do range research for example and i look at a flop cbet. its show the friends name in the limpcbet stat

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