h2note hud position problem

  • H2note dont refresh the hud position When I seat on the table.
    What is the resolution?

    days ago it start casually to dont refresh the position.
    I have install today the last version of h2note, and the emulator 3.36 version.
    It track hands good in passive mode, and in active mode too.
    But hud position arent updated :/

    If Hero isnt at the table, the hud run good.
    if a player quit, his hud disappear then when other player keep the seat, the new player hud appear.

    But with hero at the table:
    1- I dont see hero hud (with old setting I see only the hero hud with numbers hand on hud at 0) now I dont see the hero hud.

    1. when I keep position on table, considering that the position is fixed, the hud dont upgrade the new position of all players.


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