Buttons of import / export

  • Add buttons to import / export Huds, popups, filters, etc.
    Also keep every Hud, popup, filter into its appropriate folder as a separate file.

    What otherwise can export only one of my filters?

    Thank you.

  • Global Moderator

    In order to transfer the filters, HUD, Popups and other settings to your friends, copy the following folders from the Config folder:

    Badges - It contains Badges
    ExpressionStats - It contains Expression Stats
    FilterGroups - It contains groups for Postflop Diagram
    Filters - It contains Filters
    Hud profiles - It contains HUD profiles
    Images - It contains images for Badges
    Popup profiles - It contains Popup profiles
    Replayer - It contains Replayer profiles. This folder should be copied only if you have customized the replayer
    Templates - It contains Templates for fonts, backgrounds, and frames

    and files from the Config folder:

    BetSizing.cg2 - It contains settings for Bet sizing
    BoardGroups.cg2 - It contains settings for the Board Groups
    ColorMarkers.cg2 - It contains settings for Color Markers
    GameTypes.cg2 - It contains settings for Game Types
    HandView.cg - It contains settings for Hand View
    HudDeltas.cg - It contains the coordinates of the HUD elements at the tables and in the replayer

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