Using H2N for MTT hand histories?

  • Hello,

    I have been using H2N to study cash game hand histories. I play on Bovada, but there is a HH converter that converts my hands to PokerStars format so I can import them into H2N. The hand converter is here-

    When I convert cash hands I import them to an H2N DB and it works fine. However, I created a new Database in H2N today to import MTT hand histories. When I try to import from a folder, it seems like everything works and I don't get any errors, but after the import, I can't see any data anywhere in H2N with my new DB.

    I tried to click "rebuild stats" after the import and also tried to restart H2N but still nothing.

    After the import, I looked at reports, stats building, tried to find players, looked at sessions, etc, but no data at all is showing up despite my Database showing it has 22MB of data after importing the hands (only around 5k hands):


    Does H2N work for MTT hand histories? Anything I can do to get this working?

  • not sure, but maybe your converter is only for cash games...

  • No, it works fine for MTT hand histories too. I can Import them into PT4.

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    This problem can be solved only by the creator of the converter.

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