H2N Official Cash - Missing Filters in Pop-UP

  • Hi ,

    I bought the H2N Official Cash Package in June. After a few days I recognized that there are 22 filters mssing .

    There are no related Values in the POP-ups(Call and Call 3-Bet) and the filter itself are also missing in the package.


    Those are missing in the Call and Call 3-Bet Tab of the POP-UPs.

    I already wrote in Email in June to the support Team and got the answer that this will be forwarded to the development Team.

    When I look in the Shop the last Update for the Package was made in May 2017.

    So do you have any time Frame when those stats and the Pop-Up will be updated ?

    Best Regards


  • Global Moderator

    Please contact our support by email support@hand2note.com for the result of your request.

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