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  • Hi, i cant or i dont hnow how mark hands when i play session, i use free version up to nl25 and when i click on icon H2N there is nothing about that.And can i see last hands somewhere when i play?Where i can find it?Thx
    ![alt text](0_1544036266244_upload-e5f0bab5-ed8b-410e-a01b-d1fd61235fdd image url)

  • Global Moderator

    First of all, you should play several hands on this table then the list of last hands can be found by clicking on the Hand2Note icon:

    alt text

  • Thx, but problem was in database setings, h2n dont read new hands but show hud with imported hands, now everything is ok, but thx anyway

  • On Last hand list click right over the hand you need to mark and click on Mark

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