Last action player on street Preflop influence (OR F3B)

  • Im trying to built my own F3B filter for OR:
    Player Raises (first non-fold action)
    Villain Raises
    Player Folds

    This already close the decisions circle and testing it dont shows multiway spots (callers, cold calls 3B, cold 4Bs...).

    The options "last player action on street" in the actions "Villain Raises" and "Player Folds" should be redudant, but if I check them they show me less sample and another results (around -4 points).

    Here a image
    alt text
    First row shows OR F3B and the second OR F3B in SBvBB.
    First column shows the mentioned sequence with "last player action on street" in both "Villain Raises" and "Player Folds".
    Second column have this "last player..." just in "Player Folds". Third column just in "Villain Raises". Fourth dont have them in any action.

    Testing them seems the same filter, sometimes a hand dont show a report of hands, but opening it in the others it seems perfectly normal and I dont know why its dont showing up in that report.

  • Ok, I understood this issue in part.

    The report hands never will shows a spot with other sequency (this is why all stats seems are fine), but the result in % can be altered by the sample wich is taked in count:

    If I filter "villain raises" as "last player action", the sample dont count spots where "player" is 4beting, so if there is 1k of spots where player is confronting a 3B, and 100 times player no folds and is 4beting, the sample just will take the other 900 where player is calling or folding because when is 4beting the Villain has to call, fold, o raises again and his 3B cant be the last action. The F3B will grow because we are missing the 4B hands to calculate it.

    But I still dont understand why the last player action in "Player folds" is filtering anything.

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