Range Research doesn't show hands

  • Hi,
    I have H2N Edge and added some stats to the default Pop Up
    When I try to look at the outcome in "range research" it says that there are 0 hands.

    I of course have hands in the DB
    I tried to build and clear stats on the main page
    I've "Rebuild" in the range research

    Any idea what I can do? (:
    have a great day

  • adding to this:
    I just recently got a switch from hyper to edge - might this be part of the problem?
    Also I feel like I maybe got a different default pop up since I used to have hyper at the beginning and not edge?

  • Global Moderator

    After you have added the new stat to your Popup you should rebuild your statistics:

    alt text

    Then you can use that Popup to build a Range Research report.

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