Critical error

  • Hi!

    I had some issues with GTHUD so i wrote them and they reply this:

    "Hi, you need to install the beta version of the H2N program.The beta version is still in development and bugs and compatibility issues are possible. Full program performance is not guaranteed in this version.Download link:

    installation is mandatory only on the latest stable version of the program. To install, unzip the contents of the archive into the program folder (by default it is C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\ ) After that, run Hand2Note and upgrade to the latest version. "

    I made this update and after i start H2N it shows critical error

    So i made this suggested steps from different thread which "keepcalm" posts:
    "Please try to proceed with a full reinstallation:

    Check that you have installed all latest updates for Windows.

    If you need to save your settings, copy Config and Notes folders in a safe place before uninstalling Hand2Note:

    FAQ. Moving Config

    Uninstall Hand2Note.

    After the uninstallation has finished please delete all files from the install directory (default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Hand2Note).

    Install the latest version of Hand2Note:

    Try to disable your antivirus before reinstallation"

    But after i made all these steps:

    Please can you help me ASAP :) ?

    THANKS !!!

  • OK i figure it out BUT :
    I deleted all database files C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\Hand2Note

    Then i reinstall whole H2N and it works..BUT after i copy my old database back to folder "h2ndb"


    Critical error appears again...

    Critical error also happens if i go in H2N program to configuration/Database and change database folder to my old database...

    I will be reaaaaaally pissed off if i cant get back my old DB (1 year of grind) so please help :)

  • Ok, it tooks around 3hours of install/reinstall H2N or copy/delete DB

    But it somehow works right now. it seems that it has problem with H2N version. If i copied old H2Ndb (from into version it crushed. After update od and copy h2ndb, its working...

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