Stats ''99'' After BUILD

  • Hi Guys!.
    I'm trying to create some stats but apparently it's not working. I've finished BUILD and it's still '99'
    Andare relatively easy stats:
    like this:
    In this spot i need to know when a (HERO OPEN SB and BB Cals).
    When i OPEN EP and MP2-BTN calls...


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    Please check how your stat works by clicking on the test button in Stats Editor

  • Was a solution ever found to this? I am having the same issue, I checked with the test and my stat worked fine (I am creating a stat to show cbet flop in a limped pot). In the test, the hands are all exactly what i am looking for, however, in the hud the frequency will just list 99 all the time.

    To this point, when I use a stat that came with H2N or with the GThud sng pack, the frequencies are correct in HUD. I am not sure what the issue is but it sounds similar to your problem.

    edit : I saw a few posts saying that stats have to be cleared and rebuilt, I tried this I believe. What I did was at the opening screen of h2n, after making my stats and adding them to the hud, I clicked clear stats, after which build stats was no longer greyed out, then I clicked build. When I returned to the hud, nothing had changed (still all 99).

    I also am having this issue when I try to use any type of hand counter in the hud.

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    Please note, the Popup/HUD with your new stats should be assigned for some of your Game Types before rebuilding:

    alt text

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