Hud slow to load on table / Still showing sample ?

  • Hi all,
    I am a new user to H2N coming over from PT4. I really like the range analysis and pop up charts, but I am finding alot of weird issues with the program. For example, I tried the "show sample" configuration because I was having issues getting my custom huds to show number of hands, but now when I try to turn show sample off, it still shows up. The issue with this is that it makes the hud much bigger than I would like and it wont fit on the table.

    The only difference from when the hud would work without showing sample next to each stat and then when it now will (and wont turn off) is I selected that option in the configurations area. I am using GThusng hud if that is at all helpful.

    I am also having an issue that the hud doesn't show up for 4-5 hands of the match. I play primarily spin n go / hyper hu sngs so 4-5 hands is often a big portion of the match. Is there a way to fix this? My computer is pretty top of the line and just purchased 2 weeks ago (has an M2 drive for data transfer, a high end Ryzen CPU, 16GB ram etc etc). Is this just a part of the program? It surprised me because importing hands was an absolute godsend in H2N taking around 1/20th of the time for PT4, but if the live hud takes multiple hands to load, it really wont be feasible.


  • Did you save the settings after the change?

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  • Yes I did and tried that a few times also saved / exited program, still would come back.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the program and that seemed to work (this time I never selected "show sample" and will not do so").

    The hud seems to be loading faster on a different site, the previous site that I was using utilized a card catcher so I think it was an issue with the catcher. I was doubtful that was the issue because PT4 had always loaded hud right away and so far H2N is magnitudes faster, but it is working well now.


  • Once again this issue is coming up. This time I have never touched the sample size button since reinstalling.

    I do not understand why it shows up for just some stats and not for others and will somewhat randomly do this. It is making the hud unusable though in the way it gets in the way of other parts of the table and a certain configuration of hud will block other parts of the hud as sample shows up and makes a panel ~1.5x longer.

    Any other suggestions for this issue?


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