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  • I'm not sure if this is allowed but I'll offer hand2note coaching for creating stats, popups and range research.

    I would've paid someone to teach me everything to learn it faster because time is money. I've spent a lot of time learning and working with hand2note and if I had someone teach me it, I would've saved a lot of time and money. I'm offering this to help people thinking the same thing.

    I'm not an expert by any means but I can't see anyone else offering coaching. I'm still learning but I'll try my best and I'll explain everything well with coaching sessions recorded. I've made stats for all-in, for postflop positional vs other sizes. I've made things for raising limps and folding to limp raises. I've learned from trial and error and hours of practice and learning how to make and create all kinds of stats.

    I'll charge $35USD/hour. It's what I was willing to pay for hand2note coaching.

    I'm rickyt8888 on skype

    It is a great program but pretty overwhelming to learn how to use and to read all the articles and watch all the videos take a long time.

    I guess I can also coach general mtt strategy. Is this shameless plugging/advertising?

    Honestly though I do well in lowstakes and I'd help with developing ranges, simplifying execution and efficient study anything from the basics to GTO and population exploitative lines etc.

    alt text

    Not bad for a part-time player with only 168 active days. I played and made about $20K on other sites as well.

  • Hello

    My name is Nick, I'm cash games regular player, member of Hand2Note team and co-author of the official manual.

    I offer personal coaching on professional Hand2Note usage. More information:

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