How to reinstall Hand2Note from scratch

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    Please follow the next steps:

    1. Reboot your PC.
    2. Disable your antivirus.
    3. Check that you have installed all latest updates for Windows.
    4. If you need to save your settings, copy your Config (C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\Config by default) folder in a safe place before uninstalling Hand2Note: Moving Config
    5. Uninstall Hand2Note via Control Panel.
    6. After the uninstallation has finished please manually delete all files from the install directory (default folder is located in C:\Program Files\Hand2Note).
    7. Download and reinstall Hand2Note using the latest installer for version
    8. Run Hand2Note with default config (do not restore your config folder), enter your serial key in Hand2Note and check if the issue persists.
    9. If everything is ok, you can try to restore your old config. But if you have third-party HUD package, it's better to ask pack's developer for required files again and install the pack on default config.

    Your database will not be removed during the reinstallation.

    If you will need online help during reinstallation, please contact live chat support in the lower right corner of our website:

    alt text

    Also, support service on our facebook page is constantly working:

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