Resteal _Range research

  • Hey guys

    I tried to do my first steps with the range research.

    I wanted to have a look at what population resteal UTG1-MP vs an early position (UTG-UTG2) open for around 20bb eff.

    I tried it with following set up


    0_1549411767319_upload-faafc432-c1f1-49ec-8b27-6abc56599814 + exclude allin for RFI

    and0_1549411870891_upload-5d45db2e-3dba-41bf-950f-6290243e91b4 + Only allin

    can anyone please help me? I dont get it. After testing the custom report stats it worked fine (as defined)

    but once rebuild the report. I got nothing as a result:

    Thanks alot for ur help

    appreciate it

  • Global Moderator

    Probably you incorrectly specified positions for your table size.

  • I tried to solve MP vs BTN

    I tried MP vs BTN so i dont have this Problem with position specifications.

    But it didnt work. I also changed Villain (first) and then (Player). when i tested it. everything looked fine. but when rebuilding the report it does not work


    thanks for ur clarification

    Best regards

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