H2n not recoqnising Pokermaster

  • Hey!

    I've been using H2N for Pokermaster for about two weeks now and most of the time it has problems recognising Pokermaster tables. It opens the HUD and starts tracking hands extremely selectively. For example H2n starts tracking action on two tables but doesen't work on the other ones. Switching between restarting H2n and Pokermaster seems to get the HUD working some percentage of the time but this is neither foolproof or a fun activity to do while trying to play poker.

    Another issue I've had is that once the HUD starts working, it freezes at some point. It stops tracking players and doesen't switch HUDs when a new player joins the game.

    H2n, Windows and Pokermaster are all up to date. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled H2n following the guide below. Unfortunately to little or no effect.


    How can we solve this issue?

  • same here...

  • Global Moderator

    Please, provide us with additional information.

    1. Enable logging in Configuration -> Other Options -> Logging (Please remove old log files in the folder C:\Program Files\Hand2Note\logs to reduce the size of an archive.)

    2. Reproduce the problem

    3. Archive the folder with Hand2Note and send us by email to support@hand2note.com or to live chat support in the lower right corner of our website.

    4. Please, make a visual representation of the problem. For example, short video or screenshots where we can see a bug. This will help us a lot to reproduce and fix the problem.

    You can use any convenient file sharing service, for example, http://www.dropbox.com/, if the file exceeds 15MB

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