renewed license, hud not working now

  • hello i recently purchased another year of edge subscription, when i input the new registration key in the other options tab, i now have no stats showing, for any of my huds or range research, please help thanks

  • i also clicked clear and rebuild stats, and nothing worked

  • Hi, you need to pay $25 to transfer the HUD license to another account H2N.
    i received this from gt hud- i didnt want to transfer a hud license. i just wanted to buy another year from my old license. can someone please help . thanks


    ok i see what happened. apperantly i had an old hand2note login from about 2 years ago, and when i went to renew my license i accidently logged on to the old email login, instead of the email that had my new license. is there a way to transfer the login credentials to my old serial key please. i have a lot of paid premium huds that i dont want to lose, and apperantly they are assuming i am transferring my hud licenses. and they are charging me to transfer it, i just want my old serial key and huds and data back please. thanks

  • Global Moderator

    All requests related to subscriptions should be sent by email to or to online support in the lower right corner of our website.

  • ok . hand2note fixed my problem. thank you for the quick replies. have a good day

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