Dynamic hud fooled by sitted out player [ / winamax]

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    It seems that when a player sits out, H2N can have some trouble to adapt.

    In this hand, Seat 5 sitted out so this changes status for Seat 4 (SB instead of BTN), Seat 3 (BTN instead of CO) and Seat 2 (CO instead of MP)

    This is what was recorded in the hh

    Table: 'Alcácer do Sal 45' 5-max (real money) Seat #3 is the button
    Seat 1: latuile23 (6.96€)
    Seat 2: Mithaus (5€)
    Seat 3: megalocene (10.50€)
    Seat 4: affranchi69 (4.76€)
    Seat 5: L.autopsy (6.21€)
    *** ANTE/BLINDS ***
    affranchi69 posts small blind 0.02€
    latuile23 posts big blind 0.05€
    Dealt to megalocene [6d 5d]
    *** PRE-FLOP ***
    Mithaus folds
    megalocene raises 0.06€ to 0.11€
    affranchi69 calls 0.09€
    latuile23 folds
    *** FLOP *** [4s Jc 3d]
    affranchi69 checks
    megalocene bets 0.14€
    affranchi69 raises 0.21€ to 0.35€
    megalocene calls 0.21€
    *** TURN *** [4s Jc 3d][8c]
    affranchi69 bets 0.65€
    megalocene calls 0.65€
    *** RIVER *** [4s Jc 3d 8c][5h]
    affranchi69 bets 1.15€
    megalocene folds
    affranchi69 collected 3.29€ from pot
    *** SUMMARY ***
    Total pot 3.29€ | Rake 0.13€
    Board: [4s Jc 3d 8c 5h]
    Seat 4: affranchi69 (small blind) won 3.29€

    The problem that while playing AND reviewing, although H2N writes the correct position under each remaining player, the displayed stats are assuming that Seat 5 is still playing as SB, so all displayed stats are inappropriate (in a positional hud of course).

    I hope something can be done to "tell" h2N that if Seat 4 posts small blind and Seat 1 posts big blind, then Seat 5 is empty.

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