Imported hands/database seem all fucked, please help

  • I tried using this program over a month ago since its supposed to be significantly superior to PT4 or HM2 but I couldn't get it to work properly...but some features of H2N seem to just be superior so I am trying to get it to work properly again.

    I play on ignition and use converter to change the hands into Pokerstars format.

    The imported hands seem all screwed up in multiple ways when they are imported into H2N but not when in PT4, here are 2 graphs of roughly the same exact hands in each database, not sure why they appear this way.

    ![alt text](image url)0_1551391964949_pt4 GRAPH.png


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    Please send to the hand history sample where we can see the problem.

  • have you sent it to support? I got the same problem

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