Pokerstars policy update question

  • Hi,

    First of all, sorry for my english.

    I wonder when and how will come an update to H2N or how I can use it in Pokerstars from today.

    In theory, there are some policy update from today in PS, as you can see:

    You commented it in the Help section:

    There are a lot of softwares which got update in the last week because of it, but not the H2N. I really do not want to be banned from PS and I don't know know what to do.

    Please explain me the situation. There will be an update? Or I can use it in PS with no restrictions? Or the software automatically adapt to the new rules? Or...?

    Thank you

  • I think you should adress this ASAP. My positional HUD are still working but i don't know if i can use it or if i have to look for other options. When I asked you earlier you said the prohibited tools whould be blocked but it doesn't seem that way and many players might expereince trouble with stars due to this.

  • Maybe check your version, the up to date version is, I updated yesterday and the positional HUDs are gone, the new hotkeys for displaying Stats are implemented.

    I played on March 1st with the old version and positional HUDs but didn't get a warning from Pokerstars.

  • Funny, I can't see any newer version:

    From where can I download it?

    The date of the new policy is March4, there was no problem here in March1, too.


    I didn't get auto update either..

  • @JASN

    That's nonsense that I(!) have to look upon the solution :D Thanks for the link!

  • Hello,

    I also experienced that positional hud is not available in H2N

    If I understand correctly, H2N positional hud should be possible if and only if ABSOLUTE position is taken into account.

    Scripts may take into consideration any information that is extractable before the cards are dealt. This includes variables such as big blind size, effective stack size and absolute position.
    But I probably missed something here since H2N concludes that
    "Positional HUD will be prohibited."

    Furthermore, dynamic hud seems possible to some extent :

    In addition, scripts may also identify:
    The current street


    Unfortunately, hiding hud of folding players should not be possible :

    However, scripts may not take the following poker-related variables into consideration:
    Any player or opponent action throughout the hand

    As far as I tested last version (zoom NL2), positional hud is indeed not functional on Pokerstars : it shows ALL lines (all positional stats) on Pokerstars, making it unreadable if initial hud details all stats position by position.

    I guess that H2N suport is now overloaded, since chat disappeared from the website.

  • Global Moderator

    plataxis said:

    I guess that H2N suport is now overloaded, since chat disappeared from the website.

    Our online support works 24/7.

    Probably the live chat is blocked by some of your browser extensions like AdBlock. Try disabling it or use another browser without extensions.

    Also, support service on our facebook page is constantly working:

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