Reg and fish determination

  • How does reg and fish determination work in Hand2Note when creating stats? For example, as I understand – if I configure the settings so that a fish = everyone with 40+ VPIP and I have a player at my table that has played only 3 hands, after which his VPIP is 67%, he will immediatelly be treated as a fish by Hand2Note. But what if after 10 more hands his VPIP is 30%? Would all the previously affected stats that were calculated based on the assumption that he was a fish be recalculated based on him no longer being considered as a fish? In other words, are all stats that are based on reg/fish criteria affected dynamically and are being recalculated constantly if the players involved no longer meet the criteria?

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  • I have read the article and it, unfortunately, does not answer my question.

    Let me rephrase the question:

    Let's say I define that a reg is someone with these exact parameters as seen in the article:

    alt text

    If after 100 hands his VPIP is 40, he is being treated as a fish, and all stats that differentiate between regs and fish are affected.

    What if after 200 hands his VPIP is 28 and he meets all the other criteria to be treated as a reg? Are all the stats recalculated that were created previously when Hand2Note thought that the player was a fish? Or do the old stats stay the same and only new ones take into consideration that the player is now treated as a reg?

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    Old stats stay the same until you rebuild them.

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