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  • Hello,

    I used to work my game on HM2 where I could create a report with many filters, like in H2N, but I could use this report to get my stats : what was my VPIP / PRF / AF, etc. in these spots ? This is something I believe is not possible in H2N.

    For instant, what was my VPIP this month ? How often did I 3bet squeeze in position / out of position /vs 2 fishes / vs 2 regs /vs mix ? I can get those stats on the whole database, but if I change my game in some aspect, it will take hundreds of thousands of hands before it changes.

    On the left of the report page, there are tabs (graphs / positions / Positions full ring /rooms / number of tables / number of fishes / stack sizes). I wish there would be a tab that would be adaptable with available stats to profile hero, or any specific vilain.

  • Global Moderator

    To see your own stats you should find Hero in the main window of Hand2Note and open the popup by double click on the Hero's nickname.

    Currently, there are no stats in reports. Perhaps, we will be able to implement it in the future.

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