HUD Position not remembered when I start a new session

  • don't if this is a bug or if I changed something in the settings unintentionally but everytime I start a new session the 3 parts of my HUD are overlaying and in one place. Since Friday I set the HUD parts of every opponent on the right place for the 5th time now.

    But the position is not remembered when I start H2N new or start a new session

    Here how it looks when I start a session:
    0_1552337640400_Anmerkung 2019-03-11 215027.jpg

    And here how it looks when the HUDs are in the correct position, it was remembered since until beginning of March:
    0_1552337720225_Anmerkung 2019-03-11 215346.jpg

  • @SB08 the same thing happens to me, I play Spins on

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  • I did reinstall it from scratch at the beginning of February.
    Since then I always made the following updates within the software. It worked totally fine until Friday.

    edit: oh sry you mean the newest version from today? Just saw it, ok I will try and give my experience

    edit2: seems to work perfectly fine again. I just updated within the software. thanks for the quick hotfix

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